The Genius of Flexibility

Resistance Flexibility unites and advances physical therapy, yoga, personal training, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, and Genetic Personality Type theory.

We help people of all ages and abilities to become physically more flexible and strong with concomitant increases in physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Our center offers classes, workshops, certifications, and private sessions where participants learn how to generate tension and resist through self and assisted stretch/strength exercises. Resistance Flexibility training reduces the accumulation of dense fascia and scar tissue in the body, resulting in significant rehabilitation and performance upgrades.

The Genius in Flexibility’s flagship center in Santa Barbara is housed in the greenest building in Santa Barbara, a Built Green environmentally retrofit 1920s era structure located in the historic Plaza de Alhecama in downtown Santa Barbara.

Located in the quiet park behind La Playa Azul Cafe and Zaytoon restaurant, our 100% solar powered facility is environmentally sensitive and energy efficient, featuring three open air and naturally lit rooms with radiant infrared heating throughout.

The Genius in Flexibility Santa Barbara center embodies our vision of an ideal work space: working inside a structure that is ecologically sound so as to reflect the sustainability we create within a person's body.


914-A Santa Barbara St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

888-730-7953 x3